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AGM Battery AGM Battery


The AGM batteries are not easily sulfated and can be stored for a longer time before they need to be charged. The battery has good low temperature resistance and low self discharge ability. Ordinary lead-acid batteries need to be charged every six months to prevent sulfation.
AGM battery can be said to be a kind of battery manufactured for the start-up and stop system. Different from lead calcium battery, the AGM battery can ensure that the electrolyte is adsorbed around the electrode plate, so that the battery has more powerful charging and discharging capacity, faster charging and discharging speed and more lasting deep cycle life, effectively reducing the potential of power loss and providing strength for the start-up and shutdown system support.
1. Senmart AGM battery which is not a liquid rich battery. It's solid inside
2. It has more powerful instantaneous output current than ordinary battery, which means particularly strong starting performance
3. It is designed to start dozens of times more than ordinary batteries, which means longer service life
4.The charge discharge cycle capacity is particularly good than the normal ones
5. Reduce vehicle emissions environment protection
Product Characteristics
* Initial capacity has been increased 5% more;
* Large current discharge capability has been elevated 3% more;
* Cycle Life has been increased 5% more.
鈥?ISO9001, ISO14001
鈥?GB/T22199-2008, GB/T18332.1-2009
Comparisons on AGM and gel batteries
Same as all gelling and sealing device , the AGM battery is very sensitive to overcharge. Charging to 2.40v/battery (or higher) is acceptable; however, float charging should be reduced to between 2.25 and 2.30v/battery (lower voltage may be required in summer temperature). The fixed floating charge voltage of the liquid filled lead-acid vehicle charging system is usually set at 14.40 V (2.40 V / battery); replace the sealing device directly may lead to overcharging of the battery during long-term drivingAGM Battery


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