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Heat Setting of Hot Air Stenter Machine


The Hot Air Stenter Machine, a piece of equipment in the textile printing and dyeing factory, is used for stretching and tensioning the fabric by heating and stretching.

The heat setting of the fabric is usually a process in which the fabric is kept at a certain size and heated under a certain temperature and humidity for a certain period of time and then cooled. Therefore, the main process conditions for heat setting are nothing more than temperature, time, tension, etc.

First, the temperature

Temperature is an important factor. Since the fabric is heat-set, the degree of wrinkles that have been eliminated, the improvement of surface flatness, the thermal stability of the fabric and other performances are closely related to the heat setting temperature.

Second, the time

The setting time is another major process condition for heat setting. After the fabric enters the heating zone, the heat setting can be divided into the following sections:

The time required to heat the fabric surface to the set temperature after the fabric enters the heating zone is also called the heating time.

After the surface of the fabric reaches the set temperature, the fibers in the inner and outer portions of the fabric have the same heat penetration time required for the same set temperature.

After the fabric reaches the set temperature, the time required for the molecules in the fiber to be adjusted according to the setting conditions, or molecular adjustment time.

The time required for the fabric to exit the oven and the size of the fabric to be fixed for cooling, or cooling time.

Usually, the time often refers to the time required for the above three items, not including the fourth item. If the first item is regarded as a kind of preheating, then the setting time refers only to the time required for the second and third items, namely the time required for heat penetration and molecular adjustment.

The time required for heating and heat infiltration depends on the properties of the heat source, the weight per unit area of the fabric, the thermal conductivity of the fibers, and the moisture content of the fabric.

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